Introducing the new BRS-5100 Flexible Digital Video Bronchoscope from Vision-Sciences. 

EndoSheath® Bronchoscopy is a new alternative to conventional Bronchoscopy procedures.
For the first time, Pulmonologists and Bronchoscopists can get high performance endoscopic
imaging and functionality with the EndoSheath® Technology, the only sterile, disposable
option for flexible endoscopy.

The NEW, next generation BRS-5100 Bronchoscope features design improvements for improved instrument maneuverability, suction capacity, and handling ergonomics intended to enhance the physician ease-of-use while providing the unparalleled efficiency, cost-efficacy, and patient safety of the sterile, disposable EndoSheath® technology.

Vision-Sciences bronchoscopes are the only flexible video bronchoscopes that never comes in contact with the patient. The EndoSheath® Technology provides a durable, protective barrier, as well as a disposable working channel. All patient materials and instrumentation from biopsy tissue samples to BAL fluid removal, travel through the channel in the disposable sheath and never come in contact with the reusable bronchoscope.
The BRS-5100 is an ideal digital video bronchoscopy system that is ultra portable, versatile, and always ready. The compact size of the overall system makes it perfect for bedside procedures or tight quarters such as the busy ICU. The revolutionary nature of the EndoSheath® Technology, which features EndoSheath® models with different channel sizes, uniquely provides the freedom for the practitioner to ‘customize’ the bronchoscope to fit the procedure.


EndoSheath® Bronchoscopy Key Features:
  • “Always Ready” Bronchoscopy
  • “Always Sterile” EndoSheath® Technology
  • Simplified less-than-10-minute reprocessing and turnaround
  • Improved practice/department efficiency
  • A Reusable Scope with Different EndoSheath® Channel Size Options
  • Vibrant, High Resolution, Full Screen Imaging
  • An Integrated, Compact, Portable Video Processor - The Vision System®
  • Lower Capital and Service Costs

To request a demonstration of EndoSheath® Bronchoscopy with the BRS-5100 and 7000 Series Vision System® platform, please CONTACT US.
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